System Integrator - RFID technology

  • Member of EPCglobal
  • Member of Dash 7 Alliance
  • RFID test equipment
  • Implementation of RFID technology for:
    • logistics
    • asset tracking
    • supply chains
    • work in progress
  • RFID middleware and interfaces to enterprise systems
  • Hardware integration design


HADATAP is a Polish company developing competitive integrated solutionsfocused on risk reduction inmanufacturing processes, logisticschains and business facilities.

Our comprehensive expertise extends over well-proven process improvement methodologies as well as over the mostadvanced IT solutions. We are on top of wireless technologies, including RFID.

Our products are tailored to both customer requirements and capabilities. Wherever possible, we choose the most cost-effective solutions and opt for technologies employing the customer's existing infrastructure.

The deployment strategies developed by our experts range fromstep by step implementation to breakthrough improvement, depending on the customer's attitude to change.

Our experience tells us that the most competitive mix isinnovation and simplicity of business concept supported byproven and robust technology. Accordingly, we employ both.

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RFID - HADATAP member of EPCglobal and Dash7- RFID System integrator