HADATAP specializes in improvement of production, logistic and business processes with the use of advanced IT solutions, including automatic, remote technics of persons, objects and goods identification (RFID).

We offer solutions adjusted also to the needs as well as possibilities of the company. Braking development barriers is not always easy, that is why we propose different strategies new solutions implementations, depending on Clients’ employees attitude towards changes - from small steps strategy to breakthrough steps strategy.

From the experience we know that, the biggest competitiveness force of the company comes from innovative and simple business concept in combination with proven, solid technology. That is why we help Clients to develop both those aspects.

Invitation to the ICPR2017 conference

We would like to invite you to the 24th International Conference on Production Research New Challenges for Production Research (ICPR2017) conference (http://www.24icpr2017.put.poznan.pl/), which will focus on production systems and processes....

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Invitation to the "RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017" event

HADATAP would like to invite you to attend the "RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017" event (www.rfid-wiot-tomorrow.com) to take place in Dusseldorf on 27-28 September 2017. In particular, we would like...

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RFID from concept to implementation. The Polish perspective.

We encourage you to read the book titled "RFID from concept to implementation. The Polish perspective" (http://ksiegarnia.pwn.pl/RFID-od-koncepcji-do-wdrozenia,634359973,p.html). The authors of the book are our collaborators: Dr. Bartłomiej Gładysz (Warsaw University of...

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Systems for Waste Management

GPS/GSM/RFID Location and Monitoring System for waste disposal It is a system that integrates GPS, GSM and RFID technologies for automated management of fleet of garbage vehicles and identification of...

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Systems for Museums

The purpose of each museum is to present its exhibits in an attractive manner and to manage them effectively. Museum collections are often priceless and their presentation, protection, inventory, and...

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More efficient production process, more flexible supply chain, loss reduction and lower costs - these are effects acquired  by our clients with our help. We offer them our several years of practical experience in combining classical knowledge about management with state-of-art approach and technologies.

Improving operation in organizations

  • Process engineering
  • Fix assets management
  • Quality optimizing
  • Supply chain work organization


RFID solution integration

  • Automatic object counting
  • Automatic identification
  • Automatic object localization
  • Automatic authorization
  • Automatic recording of object history


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